Hytrek is a single axis knee with hydraulic regulation of stance phase and swing phase with a manual lock.

Strong high-end knee for dynamic trans-femoral amputees.

Suitable for everyday life activities on all-terrain, as well slopes and stairs.

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Single axis knee 120° flexion angle Stairs descent Manual lock Slope descent

Single axis knee

Single axis knee with hydraulic regulation of stance phase and swing phase for 150 kg/330 lbs maximum patient's weight.

Available in pyramidal version or with rotating pyramid receiver M 36 (for knee disarticulation)

120° flexion angle

The 120 ° flexion angle allows the patient to kneel. The hood provided helps protect the knee structure from scratches and shocks.

Stairs descent

The wide adjustable braking range allows the stairs to be go down in security.

Manual lock

At the touch of a button, the knee will remain locked in extension to help going upstairs, negotiating obstacles or remaining in standing position without strain.
At another touch the knee will return to its natural smoothness.
To ensure optimum safety, the lock mode must be operated in extension, i.e. "with fully extended leg".

Slope descent

The activation of the slope descent brake associated with the adjustment of the end-of-extension cushioning makes it possible to descend the slope in uneven steps close to the physiological gait..